Produced by Left Coast Community Events, the Oregon Homegrown Challenge
is designed as a public invitational contest of Oregon-grown unlicensed pesticide-free home grown cured cannabis flower.

Stay Tuned for upcoming Oregon Homegrown Challenge announcement soon!

Please note that due to weather the Seeds & Clones presentation by Jay Kitchen scheduled for this Sunday, Feb. 10 is postponed to a later date to be announced soon. Sorry for any inconvenience, Jay Kitchen would have to drive down from Seattle. Please stay tuned to Willamette Valley Homegrowers at Left Coast Community Events for more information!

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Willamette Valley Homegrowers presents
Jay Kitchen of Uptown Growlab detail
Seeds & Clones
Carring for Mother Plants & Identifying Gender
Sunday, February 10, 2019
Private Venue

Willamette Valley Homegrowers welcomes Jay Kitchen of Uptown Growlab presenting Seeds & Clones: Identifying Gender & Caring for Mother Plants on Sunday, February 10, 2019 from 1:30pm to 4pm in a secure private venue.

Only members of Willamette Valley Homegrowers may attend.

Two registration donation options: one $10 donation for current members, and one $35 donation for nonmembers, which includes an annual membership fee and event registration.

A retired attorney and judicial hearing officer, Jay Kitchen has been using and growing cannabis as medicine for chronic Crohn's Disease since the early 1970s. His Uptown Growlab partner, i Uncle Tweezy, documented a cannabis garden in New York City within the award winning coffee table book : “The Kitchen." Uptown Growlab's YouTube channel has 42,000 subscribers and more than1200 educational cannabis videos. Our Instagram account has 30,000 followers and the website has more than 1,200 site visits daily.

Uptown Growlab’s first and overriding interest in Cannabis was driven by the need for something to help with chronic pain and discomfort. Years after they discovered the joy and healing power of using and growing cannabis, they decided to share the fruits of our labor to demystify and educate about cannabis cultivation within the publication: "Uptown Growlab Presents The Kitchen."

The Kitchen is NOT a cannabis cookbook in the traditional sense. It is part grow guide and part adventure story of two cannabis grower's journey raising this wondrous plant in an urban environment, trials and tribulations included. The authors feature twenty varietals, which they grew, in gorgeous large format photos including OG Kush, AK-47, Chronic, Sour Diesel, Monkeyboy Kush and 15 others from world famous cannabis breeders. This publication is a land mark book in that the authors grew the strains featured.

Managed by the nonprofit agency Left Coast Community Events, Willamette Valley Homegrowers is a member-driven group dedicated to building community among cannabis cultivators by providing access to educational seminars, private events, public forums, & networking resources to share knowledge and information about The Art of Cultivating and Curing Cannabis. Willamette Valley Homegrowers is managed by Left Coast Community Events, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency dedicated to producing educational events that benefit our shared community.

All fees pay for the venue and event production. Everyone associated with Left Coast Community Events is a volunteer.

Donate to Left Coast Community Events! Help us continue our mission to create and administer educational events to benfit our shared community.
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Willamette Valley Homegrowers is an experiment to see if such an organization can sustain itself long-term by becoming self-sufficient, powered by the members. As the founder and executive director of Left Coast Community Events, I paid all the venue rental fees for six months, from November of 2018 through May of 2019, so that the organization can grow without having to rely initially on membership fees, event fees, or sponsors. I will still be asking for member donations, but no Willamette Valley Homegrower's meeting and / or presentation will require a fee. I will produce each Willamette Valley Homegrowers presentation through May without requiring ticketing.

And then in May, the organization will decide how to move forward, as a group that meets in a private venue, requiring meeting fees (ticketing), as a group that meets in private homes to avoid the fees, or some other configuration or combination of the above. Members will decide how the organization works and evolves.

Left Coast Community Events is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency designed to produce educational events that would provide experienced individuals, companies and organizations an opportunity to present educational materials and educational panels and forums to better understand subjects that affect the Lane County Area, to support and assist community educational programs, and to support citizens and organizations in the Lane County area. All staff associated with Left Coast Community Events, from the Board of Directors to Production Staff are Volunteers.